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Dependent Visas

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Need An Immigration Visa for Family Members?

  • Trying to apply for a dependent visa?
  • Finding process too complex?
  • Worried about having your Dependent Visa refused or rejected?

We Can Help With Your Dependent Visa Application UK

Our qualified lawyers at A Y & J Solicitors have extensive experience processing successful UK Dependent Visa applications. We understand how confusing these applications can be, and we can help make everything clear. Our experts can navigate the complications and various categories to establish the best path for an Dependent Visa application that will be approved.

  • Who Can Apply For A UK Dependant Visa?

    You must be:

    • Under 18 years old, and a dependent
    • OR A dependent spouse or civil partner
    • OR A dependent child and EEA national under 21 years old.
  • Immigration For Family Members Requirements

    You must have:

    • Available finances sufficient to support yourself while in the UK
    • Confirmed arrangements for care and accommodation
    • Funds to pay for the application fee.
  • Why Accurate Documentation is Critical

    The Home Office is rigid in their requirements for the documentation of each application. You must have all aspects accurate and suitable to requirements, or your application risks refusal or rejection. Any documents that are not written in the official languages of the UK (English or Welsh) must be translated by a certified professional.

    In addition, the Home Office is able to enact checks to verify documentation for validity and accuracy. Any failures will lead to suspicion of deception, which can not only lead to application refusal but also a possible penalty.

  • The Experts Are Here To Help With Your UK Dependent Visas

    A Y & J Solicitors’ immigration experts are ready to help you with your UK Dependent Visa application. Their first-rate customer service ensures that you receive the help and understanding you need through every stage of your application. From the first meeting until you have your visa, A Y & J Solicitors will walk each step with you and ensure you understand everything.

  • A History of Immigration Visa Success

    We have had great success helping qualified applicants receive UK Dependent Visas so they can bring their dependents to the UK. Our extensive experience and passion for excellence ensure that we always gain the best results for our clients.

Contact Us For Details About Immigration For Family Members

For help gaining UK Dependent Visas, or for any expert immigration advice, contact our team at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com .

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