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Spouse / Civil Partner Visa

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Need To Obtain A Spouse Visa?

The Spouse Civil Partner Visa is an excellent avenue for bringing loved ones together to live and work in the UK. It is available to adults whose partner is either a British National, or has already settled in the UK. Although the requirements are not terribly restrictive, an application can still be refused if there is incorrect representation.

There is some flexibility in settlement eligibility for spouses or civil partners. The rules do not specifically require that the whole probationary period be spent in the UK. Employment activities requiring time outside the UK, and other similar circumstances should not have a bearing on a settlement application. It must be noted that someone who has spent most of their time outside the UK may be refused settlement. Have an expert immigration lawyer check your application, and advise you on the best route to take. Failing to secure proper representation may lead to spouse visa refusal.

  • Who Can Apply For A UK Spouse Visa?

    • You are the husband, wife, civil partner (of more than two years), or dependent of a British national, or someone settle in the UK.

    UK Spouse Visa Requirements

  • You must meet the following criteria:

    • Proof of English language proficiency:
      • Nationality from an English speaking country
      • OR An accepted English language degree
      • OR Successfully passing an accredited English language test
    • Meet co-habitation requirements
    • Meet financial requirements.
  • UK Marriage Visa Considerations

    • Initial visa is for 33 months, with an extension of 30 months following:
    • (settlement) can be applied for after four years and 11 months in this category
    • Once ILR or permanent residence has been acquired, you can apply for British citizenship.

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