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UKBA Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit | Employer's Guide - A Y & J Solicitors



Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit

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Don’t Be Caught Out By An Unannounced Home Office Audit

All Sponsor Licence holders are vulnerable to Home Office audit visits at any time. These visits have been consistently increasing in number as the government works to identify and eliminate illegal workers, and punish Sponsor Licence holders who are not maintaining compliance in their duties.

A Y & J Solicitors is committed to helping Sponsor Licence holders prepare for, and achieve full compliance during audits. The repercussions of non-compliance are severe, and we are actively assisting companies so that they do not experience harmful non-compliance reports.

  • Avoiding Non-Compliance And Sponsor Licence Suspensions

    Obtaining a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence is a challenging, and rewarding event. As part of your application, you may have already met your first Home Office compliance officer for a Pre-Licence visit. Once you hold your Sponsor Licence, you may receive a compliance audit at any time – often without advance notice.

    There is a zero tolerance for non-compliance. Sponsor Licence holders who fail to show compliance may face Sponsor Licence Suspension/Revocation immediately, resulting in a loss of critical skilled workers and an inability to hire skilled workers in the future.

    Avoiding these damaging effects requires extensive knowledge and experience with the rules and regulations for Sponsor Licence holders. A Y & J Solicitors have been working with Sponsor Licence holders for nearly a decade, and possess the resources and knowledge required for Sponsor Licence holders to achieve full compliance.

  • Non-Compliance Traps

    Many non-compliance rulings are a result of one or more of the following:

    • Evidence that the Sponsor Licence holder is providing migrant workers to a third party
    • Failure to provide current and past contact details for all migrant workers
    • Insufficient tracking of worker attendance, lack of documentation, poor record-keeping
    • Lack of evidence of conducting Residence Labour Market Testing (RLMT) for positions filled by migrant workers.
    • Poor procedural support for the management of leave for migrant workers.

    There are no exceptions for Sponsor Licence holders who are found to be non-compliant in one or more areas. Being unprepared for an audit is unacceptable, and the consequences are dire. Sponsor Licence holders may face fines, penalties and revoked licences.

  • Peace Of Mind Solutions

    A Y & J Solicitors provides full support to Sponsor Licence holders in need of a Home Office audit preparation. We can ensure that all business procedures and protocols meet strict compliance guidelines. Our document and system review services will identify any areas of concern, and provide clear solutions for establishing compliance.

  • Excellent Customer Service And A Trusted Reputation

    Along with our parent company YDVISAS, A Y & J Solicitors takes pride in a long-standing reputation for excellent customer services. Through independent reviews, and constant client recommendations we have grown a business of expertise and trust that is widely recognised. YDVISAS is an award-winning firm, and we are proud to operate to the same high standards.

    We are experts in the opportunities and challenges that are present for Sponsor Licence holders, and we are pleased to work with each company to ensure full compliance. Our immigration law experts provide individual service to each client without reserve, and consistently exceed expectations. It is our commitment to always do what it takes to establish each of our clients with an excellent system of full compliance.

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