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Sponsor Licence Application

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The Advantages Of Having A Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

A Tier 2 Sponsor Licence allows you to employ Non-EU migrant workers. Once an organisation acquires a Sponsor Licence, they become registered with the Home Office as a sponsor, and can begin to bring in skilled Non-EU employees.

For many companies, this is essential to the successful operation and growth of their business. However, applying for and receiving a Sponsor Licence is a challenging process, and can be fraught with obstacles.

At A Y & J Solicitors,we have extensive experience helping companies acquire and sustain their Tier 2 Sponsor Licences

  • Tier 2 Sponsor LicenceUK Eligibility

    Each Tier 2 Sponsor Licence application must provide proof of the following:

    • Legal operating business in the UK
    • Key personnel in the organisation are of good character, and dependable
    • Ability to manage all sponsorship duties
    • Offering employment positions suitable for Tier 2 skill requirements that are genuine positions and meet minimum salary guidelines.
  • Dangers of Poor Applicant Preparation

    The statistics are overwhelming, with 19% of applications refused in 2015. Some of the reasons were:

    • Not submitting adequate documents
    • Not meeting compliance duties
    • Not maintaining adequate records
    • Not providing timely updates to UKVI regarding company and workforce changes
    • Not responding to UKVI inquiries in a timely manner
    • Not providing adequate proof of genuine vacancies.
  • Our Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Services

    A Y & J Solicitors is committed to helping Sponsor Licence applicants successfully apply for their Sponsor Licence and achieve long-standing compliance with all Home Office requirements. As the Home Office becomes increasingly strict about compliance, we continue to provide successful support to Sponsor Licence holders in maintaining full compliance.

  • Full Sponsor Licence Support

    Our service extends to all aspects of sponsorship:

    • Tier 2 Sponsor Licence application and management without interruption of business activities
    • Easy to understand explanations of all Home Office rules and regulations
    • Verification and processing of all documentation requirements
    • Complete Human Resources checks and audits in preparation for compliance
    • Full support and guidance to ensure that your business is prepared for Home Office audits.

The Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Experts

As Tier 2 Sponsor Licence experts, we are ready to assist you with all aspects of being a Sponsor. For assistance with this, or any immigration matter,
Please contact us at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com

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