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Super Premium Visa Service | Visa Service London - A Y & J Solicitors



Super Premium Visa Service

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Take Advantage of Our Super Premium Visa Service

    • Are you discouraged with long delays on a decision for your Leave To Remain application?
    • Do you urgently require a decision on your application?

Our Super Premium Visa Service is available for anyone needing a prompt decision for their Leave To Remain (extension) or ILR application. Our highly qualified lawyers at A Y & J Solicitors can help your application succeed through this programme.

  • A Decision Within 24 Hours

    This Super Premium Visa Service avoids all delays, challenges and stress involved in the traditional application system. It is customised to your needs, very efficient, and comes with these exclusive advantages:

    • The Home Office arranges for a courier to collect your application and all documents
    • The Home Office staff visit to get your biometric information (fingerprints, digital photo, and electronic signature).
    • You choose the time and place convenient to you for the visit, from 12:00 – 15:00 weekdays
    • 4. A decision is typically made within just 24 hours.
  • Success WithThe Super Premium Visa Service

    The immigration experts at A Y & J Solicitors are known for their first class service, that is both professional and personal. Your application is handled by trusted, reliable experts who understand the importance of a successful outcome to your application.

    A Y & J Solicitors’ Super Premium Visa Service has been customised to ensure speed and peace of mind. The service is available to points-based Tier 1, Tier 2, ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) and FLR applications. This high-class service offers the following:

    • Bespoke service to gather all documentation needed for you. You do not need to adjust your schedule in any way. We will send our courier to you to collect all documents.
    • In depth check of each document to ensure accuracy and compliance. We will advise on any changes required. Our experts remain current on all changes from the Home Office, so you can be assured that your documentation is in line with the most recent guidelines.
    • Completion of all application forms on your behalf, including a personalised cover letter that details your circumstances and the qualifications of your application.
    • Arrangements for the Home Office Premium Service team to attend to you at your location of choice in the UK for the purpose of obtaining the necessary biometric information (fingerprints, digital photo, and electronic signature).
    • Processing of all payments on your behalf
    • Immediate availability to you at all times during your application service for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Contact Us Today For Our Super Premium Visa Service

To take advantage of our Super Premium Visa Service, or for any expert immigration law assistance,
Please contact us by phone at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com

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We are the same management and the same team. We are committed to continue providing excellent service and experience to our clients.