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EEA Family Permit / Residence Card Refused

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UK Residence Permit Refused? Don’t Pan

  • Rejected – EEA Family Permit or an EEA Residence Card?
  • Did you qualify for an EEA application, but still received a refusal?

A Y & J SolicitorsCan Help You Appeal Against UK Residence Permit Refusal

You are not alone. Others have also been refused their EEA application, despite submitting everything correctly. A Y & J Solicitors is experienced at winning appeals of EEA Family Permit and Residence Card Refusals. We work passionately and tirelessly for each client, and aim for positive results.

  • Requirements for the EEA Family Permit & Residence Card

    You must meet the following criteria:

    • Proof that your relationship with the EEA national family member is valid
    • Proof that you are dependent on the EEA national family member or Member of same household.
    • Proof of your EEA national family member continuously exercising their EU treaty rights.
  • Reason For EEA Residence Card Refused

    There are many reasons UKVI issues refusals to applications for EEA Residence Cards. If they believe the above requirements have not been met, or if they consider the applicant a risk to UK health or public safety, a policy violation, or if it is thought that they have been deceptive in their application. The window of opportunity for appeal of an EEA Residence Card refusal is very brief – only 14 days for in country applications, and 28 days for out of country applications. On landmark judgment (Sala (EFMs: Right of Appeal: Albania) [2016] UKUT 411 (IAC)), the Upper Tribunal judge concluded that Extended Family Members (EFM) have no right of appeal against a decision by the Home Office. However, you can pursue the matter further by a Judicial Review process.

  • ‘Centre of Life’ Requirement For The UK Residence Card

    A court ruling named ‘Surinder Singh’ requires that all British nationals provide proof of exercising EU Treaty Rights in support of family applications for EEA Residency. Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of applications being refused. The most common reason for rejection is failure of a ‘Centre of Life’ test. It includes criteria for Length of Residency, Primary Residence, and Degree of Integration in an EEA nation. A Y & J Solicitors strongly encourages that you use the services of an immigration law expert to ensure you satisfy the requirements.

  • Our Experts Make the Difference

    A Y & J Solicitors’ highly qualified lawyers are experts in challenging UKVI decisions. We support our clients with professionalism, honesty, and a passion to win through every stage of the process. From your initial contact until your successful outcome, A Y & J Solicitors is committed to excellence in service to our clients.

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