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Deception Cases TOEIC – ETS

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ETS Improper Testing Allegations

Educational Test Services (ETS) is a long-standing institution that has been involved in the issuance of the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). This test is one of the accepted standards for immigrants from other countries to show English proficiency – a requirement to achieving residence in the UK under many visa categories.

After allegations of improper testing at the ETS, the Home Office took the dramatic action of refusing visas under thealleged use of deception and denied tens of thousands of students already legally studying in the UK access to the country. These students were not given warning, and were not provided any chance of defense or rebuttal.

Applications were also refused or rejected based on the possession of an ETS certificate for the TOEIC, and these applicants have been issued Removal Directions, without right of appeal from within the UK.

  • Putting Wrongful TOEIC Deception Cases Right

    At A Y & J Solicitors, we believe that these actions by the Home Office are both unlawful and unfair. We have always carried a belief in the right of every individual to lawfully prove their innocence, and offer rebuttal to allegations. We are in strong support of individuals who need expert legal advice as they defend their position.

    For students who have received Removal Directions, we are available to prepare pre-action protocol for judicial review, request that the Home Office reconsider its decision, and provide each student with an in-country right of appeal. We can help with complex cases and prepare best possible judicial review. There is recent precedence for support of this action, as an Upper Tribunal ruling has favoured this approach to proving an applicant’s innocence.

  • Current ETS TOEIC Deception Success

    Already we have secured the withdrawal of one decision from the Home Office against a student who was accused in an ETS TOEIC deception case. A further response for a separate case is due soon, and we are confident it will again be in our client’s favour.

Contact Us For Help With Any Section 10 Deception Case

We have established a strong, successful position against ETS TOEIC deception rulings. At A Y & J Solicitors we always passionately pursue justice for our clients, and this case is no exception.
Please contact us today so we can immediately begin rectifying these harsh and overreaching rules that have caused such a devastating impact to so many. Our immigration law experts are ready to help. Contact us at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com

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