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ILR – Deception Case – Tax not Paid

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Deception With Tax Issues – ILR Refused

Have you received a tax questionnaire about your HMRC submission? Have you received a rejection or refusal to an ILR application? Has the Home Office alleged you used deception on your application? Are there tax issues with your ILR application? Are you concerned you may receive an ILR application refusal?

ILR Refused Due To Deception? You Are Not Alone

The Home Office have been refusing ILR applications primarily using paragraphs 322(2), 322(5) and 19 J (iv) of the Immigration Rules and alleging that the applicant has acted deceptively in their current or previous applications.

These allegations focus on points claimed for self/employment/dividends from a limited company that were not declared to the HMRC or that it does match with the information given to the Home Office in the previous applications. This means that since the tax amounts due had not been paid, or there was a tax discrepancy, it is viewed by the Home Office as deception.

Applicants who have received this negative decision may face removal from the UK along with their dependents and families, and the loss of their career, position, and future.

Our Recent Success – Client received Home Office questionnaire

Mr V came to the UK under the point based system of the immigration rules. He came with his wife and child. Mr V made various extension application under the Tier 1 (Highly Skilled Migrant), and the Home Office approved each application.

Mr. V. was now approaching the completion of his Tier 1 visa and applied himself for Indefinite Leave to Remain. After a lengthy delay, despite being considered as a simple application. Mr. V became very concerned.

Subsequently, he received a letter from the Home Office enclosing an HMRC questionnaire. Mr. V. became very concerned as to why the Home Office would ask about his tax affairs. If the application were to be refused, it would have a severe impact on him and family as there would be an allegation against him of deception (322 (2) and or that character, conduct, association are undesirable for him to remain in the UK (322 (5).

A Y & J Solicitors reviewed the client’s HMRC submissions and made representations so that it would be difficult for the Home Office to allege deception or that his stay in the UK would like it desirable. In fact, we argued that the client is a valuable member of the community!.

Within a short period, the Home Office issued our client with indefinite leave to remain!

  • Challenge ILR Refused Claims Due To Tax Issues / Deception Charges

    If you have been refused Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR) due to alleged deception or tax issues, you may challenge the decision by Appeal or Judicial Review. Our specialists understand the various approaches, and which is best based on your unique circumstances. In the majority of cases, a Judicial Review is the preferable option when an appeal rights are not available. As an SRA-regulated law firm, A Y & J Solicitors is qualified to help with this.

  • Judicial Review

    If your Administrative Review application has been refused, along with your pre-action protocol letter, you may apply for Judicial Review no later than 90 days of the date of the Administrative Review refusal letter. Applying for a Judicial Review is a complex process with a number of procedures required and time constraints imposed. Obtaining expert legal advice through an SRA-regulated law firm is therefore vital.

    If you have been given an in country right of appeal, detailed preparation of your case is key to aim for a successful appeal before the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

  • A Track Record Of Success

    The expert team at A Y & J Solicitors has had success with gaining ILR for clients in a variety of challenging circumstances. Whether these cases contained issues with filing tax declarations to the HMRC, or other genuine reasons, we were able to obtain ILR for these clients and their families. We have secured futures for honest, hard-working people as a result of our expertise and determination. Our goal is 100% success, and we are focused on achieving excellent results for every client.

Contact Us For Results Through
An Appeal Or Judicial Review

Don’t allow your ILR application to be refused or rejected. We can challenge by Appeal but, as an SRA-regulated law firm, we can go that crucial step further for you and apply for a Judicial Review.
Contact the immigration law experts at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com and find the first rate service that will help to get a successful ILR application or Judicial Review for you and your dependents.

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