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Sponsor Licence Guidance & Compliance Training - A Y & J Solicitors



Sponsor Licence Compliance Training

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Are You Really Prepared For A Home Office Visit?

A Y & J Solicitors has had extensive experience working with Sponsor Licence holders as they navigate the often confusing areas of Home Office compliance. As such, we have developed a mandate to increase awareness and understanding of compliance issues and solutions. Our Sponsor Licence Compliance Training Programme is designed to give sponsors a clear picture of the actions needed to remain in full compliance with UKVI laws.

  • What Is Compliance?

    If you are a Sponsor Licence holder, you are deemed compliant when following the rules and regulations set out by UKVI – without exception. The Home Office is carrying out more checks (called audits) of Sponsor Licence holders than ever before, and there is a zero tolerance for non-compliance. Many of these audits are unannounced, so all Sponsor Licence holders need to be fully prepared for a Home Office audit at all times.

    Sponsor Licence holders are required to uphold strict regulations on when to employ migrant workers, be certain each worker is legal working in the UK, and maintain ongoing record keeping and reporting. Anyone deemed non-compliant can face fines, penalties, and the suspension/revocation of their Sponsor Licence. The implications of non-compliance can damage a business beyond redemption.

  • Why We’re The Sponsor Licence Application Experts

    A Y & J Solicitors are Sponsor Licence experts. Our team has extensive experience working with Sponsor Licence holders to achieve and maintain compliance in every area. Whether you are a multi-site firm employing many migrant workers, or preparing to hire your first non-EU worker, we are the first step in establishing compliance and giving you Sponsor Licence guidance. Our programme provides training for your Human Resources department and management team, giving you the guidelines, tools, and understanding required for establishing compliant Sponsor Licence protocols.

  • Benefits of Sponsor Licence Compliance Training

    Once you become a Sponsor Licence holder, you may receive a site visit from a Home Office compliance officer at any time. Our research shows that increased unannounced visits are occurring as the Home Office works to remove illegal workers. With A Y & J Solicitors’ Compliance Training, you will be ready and fully prepared for any compliance audit.

    Our lawyers also have experience dealing with companies who were unprepared for a compliance visit. We understand what the Home Office is looking for: we know the areas of compliance businesses find challenging, and we have the solutions that will ensure compliance. In our experience, a well-prepared business can focus on the important aspects of operating and growing their business without having concern for audits and compliance.

    The onsite mock Home Office audits we offer give a real opportunity for businesses to check their compliance, and correct any concerns before a compliance officer visits. This gives peace of mind and confidence to Sponsor Licence holders. We can also help companies who are faced with non-compliance.

Ensure Your Compliance Today

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