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Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit Sport Clubs | Sports Club Sponsorship



Sponsor Licence Audit – Sport Clubs

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Why Tier 2 Sportsperson Audit Preparation Is So Vital

Elite sports clubs often access international talent in their quest for the top spot in their league. Whether its players, coaches, or support staff, recruiting international talent is often essential. But any sports club sponsorship can only be made possible be obtaining a Sponsor Licence first.

Although it may feel like acquiring a Sponsor Licence is the culmination of efforts to bring foreign team members in, there are still very important actions to undertake. All Sponsor Licence holders may receive compliance visits from Home Office. These visits are designed to investigate Sponsor Licence holders for compliance in all matters related to UKVI rules and regulations. If the compliance officer finds evidence of noncompliance, your Sponsor Licence can be suspended or revoked causing the loss of all foreign talent in your sports club.

  • A CustomisedSports Clubs Audit Solution

    The immigration law professionals at A Y & J Solicitors are very familiar with the needs and challenges of sports clubs who hold Sponsor Licences. We have developed a compliance audit that is designed specifically for sports clubs. This audit will inform you of any potential areas of concern to a compliance officer, and provide solutions that will help you to remain fully compliant.

  • Be Prepared For A Home Office Audit

    Home Office audits are occurring with greater frequency, and often without advance notice. As a Sponsor Licence holder, you have agreed to work with the Home Office, and are expected to allow compliance officers entrance to your club. If you are unprepared for an audit, your current international team members may be unable to continue to work and compete for you, and you may be unable to bring international talent to your club in the future.

    The impact can be devastating to all involved. A Y & J Solicitors can work with you to protect your Sponsor Licence, and your future success.

  • Expert Audit Protection For Sports Club Sponsorhips

    We have substantial experience with Sponsor Licence matters. Our lawyers excel at providing excellent customer service, and success in all immigration law matters. The Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit that we have developed for sports clubs will identify any audit concerns within your organisation, and give you the solutions to fix these concerns. The result is certainty that your international club members and sponsored skilled players can retain their positions within the club.

  • Our Compliance Audit Guarantee

    Our Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit for sports clubs has been created as a complete solution to Home Office audits, and will give you absolute peace of mind. We are 100% confident that this investment into your team’s success with the Home Office is a winning solution, and we stand by our service. If there is any reason you are not completely satisfied with our bespoke Compliance Audit, we will refund your fees in full.

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