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Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit | Retail, Restaurant, Ecommerce



Sponsor Licence Audit – Hotel / Retail / Ecommerce

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Is Your Business At Risk From A Home Office Audit?

  • Do you operate a retail, food service, or ecommerce business?
  • Are you worried about losing your sponsored migrant workforce?
  • Do you struggle to understand what is required of you as a Sponsor?
  • Does your business lack systems for immigration compliance?
  • Are you worried you may have your Sponsor Licence suspended/revoked?

Your Tier 2 Sponsor LicenceConcerns Are Very Real

As political pressure to crack down on illegal workers increases, the Home Office is sending out more compliance officers to conduct audits on retail, restaurants and ecommerce businesses with Tier 2 Sponsor Licences. Many of these audits are unannounced, and are leading to an increasing number of suspensions and revocations. With a zero tolerance for non-compliance, any lack of compliance can lead to serious consequences.

  • Our CustomisedSponsor Licence Compliance Audit Solution

    The experts at A Y & J Solicitors have years of experience helping retail, restaurant, and ecommerce companies successfully operate as fully compliant Sponsor Licence holders. We have developed a Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit that will identify any areas of concern before they are raised by the Home Office. Our comprehensive solution also identifies the actions needed in order to fix problems before they become compliance issues.

    These areas will be investigated thoroughly:

    • Reporting and record keeping as it relates to your particular industry
    • Proper systems for managing all aspects of leave for your sponsored workers
    • ‘Right to Work’ checks
    • Genuine Vacancy
    • Residence Labour Market Tests (RLMT)
    • Proper systems for the storage and updating of all contact details for your sponsored workers.
  • Our Compliance Audit Guarantee

    We guarantee that our bespoke Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit will provide peace of mind for all of your compliance needs. Whether you’re a retail, restaurant or ecommerce business, you’ll find this audit empowers you to be fully prepared for a Home Office Audit. If you are not 100% satisfied with your investment, we will refund your money.

    The immigration law experts at A Y & J Solicitors excel at providing award-winning customer service and positive results with every client. We have also been instrumental in helping many businesses reinstate their suspended and revoked Tier 2 Sponsor Licences, and retain their Non-EU workforce. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us immediately as time is of the essence.

    We understand how difficult it is to maintain full compliance, and keep up-to-date with changes in rules and regulations. We are here to help you operate your business smoothly, in full compliance, and with as little stress as possible.

Enquire About Our Bespoke Compliance Audit For Retail/Restaurant/Ecommerce

If you would like to begin your Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit, or for expert immigration law help,
Please contact us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com

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