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Privacy Policy - AYJ



Privacy Policy

Extensive changes in technology and social media are causing us to become increasingly intertwined. Each increase in the use of this changing technology brings concerns for some users regarding information sharing across platforms, and use of information by operators and moderators.

In consideration of all visitors to our site and the clients of A Y & J Solicitors, we are endeavoring to be transparent and clear. We operate an immigration solicitors firm that is authorised by the esteemed Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). All rules and regulations established by regulatory are followed by our firm. When it comes to privacy issues this includes rules regarding the use of personal information gathered via our online platform. It is our responsibility to ethically handle any personal information received from users and visitors, and we are committed to maintaining privacy according to the highest of standards.

For further clarity, we have established the following six item approach to protecting privacy and confidential information.

  1. Website Privacy Policy

    We are seeing increasing numbers of visitors crossing through our website daily for the purpose of obtaining immigration information. This results in a great deal of information generated through the site, and we have chosen to establish a website privacy policy that takes information and data protection seriously.

    We are committed to ensuring there is no lapse in our protection of data and personal information. Your review of this privacy policy is your acknowledgement that you agree to register with us for services offered. This policy is limited to only our own company website and does not extend to third party sites. We have no intention of exposing you to any endorsements through the links on our site. Rather, these links and chain links are provided for the purpose of information, reference, and ease of use to our visitors and clients and are offered by use for solely this purpose. We will continue to review and update all privacy policies as appropriate, with the most recent review occurring in July 2017.

  2. Use of Personal Information

    What is collected?

    We may collect any/all of the following information:

    • Contact information including telephone numbers and email addresses
    • Name and job title
    • Demographic information
    How is this information used?

    This information enables us to provide you with a more customised service by helping us to understand your needs. We may use it for:

    • Improvements to our services
    • Sending occasional emails, special offers, information, or other communications that may be useful or helpful to you, using any email address you have provided
    • Internal record keeping and tracking
    • Market research purposes including contacting you by any option you have provided, and customising site information according to perceived needs and interests

    Your provision of personal information during visits and use at our website is used by our firm to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship and communicate important changes and developments regarding our firm and the products and services we offer. We will not share your personal information in any way except under extraordinary circumstances or when the law requires us to do so.

    For a small fee, you are welcome at any time to request the details of personal information we are holding about you through the Data Protection Act 1998. For a copy of this information please write to A Y & J Solicitors, Chancery House, 53-64 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A1QS.

  3. Use of Personal Information for Promotions & Marketing Purposes

    Please note that at no time will we use any personal information we receive for unfair marketing purposes. At times, we may provide you with information and updates that we believe are useful to you. However, you may always notify us that you no longer wish to receive such information by sending us an email, or by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link available on our communications or by emailing us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com.

  4. Use of Information Outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

    You may provide use with your personal information in order to receive advice or guidance regarding an immigration matter. This in turn may require us to seek assistance from experts we deem worthy that are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If we feel this is necessary we may forward your information to such an expert in order to obtain the best possible solution to your query. However, we are committed to maintaining your confidentiality under such circumstances. Should personal information be shared outside the EEA we will ensure that your privacy is protected to the best of our ability.

  5. Cookies

    We have developed a cookies policy that is available on our site for viewing. As the owner of this site we are within full rights to change and adapt our privacy policy for our purpose. This can occur without prior warning to users and visitors. If you have any concerns or would like further information about our privacy policies, please contact us at A Y & J Solicitors.

  6. Links to Other Websites

    Through our site, we may offer links to other sites that we feel may be helpful to our users and visitors. Please note that once you click this link you leave our site and we have no control over the linked site. As such, we are not responsible for security and privacy of any information you may provide to these sites and these sites are not covered by our privacy policies. Always exercise caution and common sense, and view each site’s privacy policy for information on their particular site.


For any questions regarding the above information please feel free to contact A Y & J Solicitors at contact@ayjsolicitors.com.

YDVISAS has carried out Business Transfer to its subsidiary ‘A Y & J Solicitors’ w.e.f. 01 June 2017.

We are the same management and the same team. We are committed to continue providing excellent service and experience to our clients.