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Judicial Review For ILR Refusal - Deception Alleged: Tax Issues - AYJ



Judicial Review For ILR Refusal – Deception Alleged: Tax Issues

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  • The UKVI Is Refusing ILR Applications, Citing Deception With Tax Issues

    Are you one of the applicants who has received a letter from UKVI rejecting your ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain / Settlement) application and accusing you of deception? You’re not alone.

    UKVI is increasingly issuing these types of refusals. In most cases, individuals and families completed their applications in good faith, believing the information they submitted was accurate. But under section 322(2), 322(5) and 19 J (iv) errors in the application are deemed to be attempts at deception and therefore potential grounds for immediate refusal.

  • Judicial Review For ILR Refusal

    Even if a refusal letter states that there is no option for appeal, there’s still an avenue for applicants who are denied ILR. Judicial Review (JR) is the legal process for challenging a public body’s decision—in this case, challenging UKVI’s decision to deny ILR to a qualified applicant.

    As we are regulated by the SRA, our legal team can submit an application for permission to apply for Judicial Review. Our experienced Solicitors can review your situation and determine if it qualifies under strict JR requirements.

    A successful JR may not only lead to ILR status but often also results in UKVI paying costs to the applicant, in the event if your JR application is successful.

  • What Does A Judicial Review Process Involve?

    A Judicial Review is only conducted in cases where UKVI has acted outside lawful procedures.

    There is a short window where a JR can be initiated against a UKVI decision, which is 3 months from the date of the negative decision. If you have received an ILR refusal citing deception, contact an SRA-regulated solicitor immediately for assistance. It’s critical to work with a solicitor with a strong track record of successful JRs. Failure to win the case can result in you paying UKVI’s costs as well as your costs.

    There are three stages to begin JR proceeding:

    • 1. Pre-action protocal letter to UKVI
    • 2. Response from UKVI, if negative then:
    • 3. Application for permission to apply for Judicial Review

    UKVI may choose to negotiate at any point until the hearing. A strong case often results in UKVI issuing consent order and offer to review the application.

  • Why Choose A Y & J Solicitors?

    A Y & J Solicitors are well-versed in the Judicial Review process. It is always our aim to work with you to have your ILR application successful and to ensure your legal immigration status in the UK is secure.

  • Excellent Customer Service And A Trusted Reputation

    A Y & J Solicitors takes pride in a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service. Through independent reviews and constant client recommendations, we have grown a business based on expertise and trust that is widely recognised. We are proud to operate to high standards.

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