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Immigration Compliance Support – A Y & J Solicitors



Immigration Compliance Support

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Dedicated Immigration Compliance Support

A Y & J Solicitors are committed to Accepting Challenges and Delivering Results. With our main office located in the heart of London, we keep connected to the pulse of UK immigration needs.

At times, foreign skilled workers are essential to many UK companies. However, managing all the aspects of hiring and retaining these workers is complex and challenging. Our dedicated immigration support service team provides all-encompassing solutions.

We’re experienced in providing immigration support, legal advice on immigration compliance, and managed migration services to employers based within the UK and overseas.

Support for all Immigration Needs

We provide up-to-date corporate support and solutions including:

  • Addressing all queries regarding UKVI guidance, Immigration Rules, Right to Work Checks.
  • Flexible onsite sessions with team members discussing high-risk immigration compliance issues.
  • Advising on constantly changing UKVI application procedures including UKVI forms, fees.

Legal Assistance to in-house Immigration team

We support in-house immigration teams. Regardless of the size or needs of your team, we ensure each member has the tools they need to do their jobs:

  • Bespoke training plans to manage compliance issues
  • Team skill checks with solutions for addressing highlighted area of improvement
  • Prompt updates on UKVI changes that impact your business

Our Success Story

A corporate client in Tech industry regularly employs non-EU skilled workers. The company is having an in-house immigration team to handle all their immigration needs. This team is now struggling to keep up with UKVI’s changing requirements while processing a record number of new employees.

Dedicated Immigration Support provided immediate solutions to their growing needs. An initial meeting revealed urgent challenges to maintain compliance and long-term needs for improvements to procedures and staff training. With this assistance, they are quickly resolving their challenges and developing strategies that are increasing the speed and success of processing new employees and maintaining compliance. The in-house team has provided feedback stating the solutions have vastly improved their ability to operate efficiently and feel confident in their understanding of UKVI guidance and complex Immigration rules.

This company now enjoys the Premium status that gives them an enhanced level of support directly from Home Office.

Complete Immigration Support

We offer advice and solutions for all corporate immigration needs:

  • Tier 2 Sponsor Licences, Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS), applications and renewals, and Points Based System (PBS) requirements
  • Preparations and procedures for compliance audits
  • Legal assistance in conducting Resident Labour Market Tests (RLMT) and Right to Work checks
  • Provide a clear understanding of UKVI Policy Guidance.

We’re Here to Help

Our goal is to provide your in-house immigration team with the resources and solutions they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether your team is big or small, experienced or brand new, we’re here to help,
Please contact us at 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ayjsolicitors.com

YDVISAS has carried out Business Transfer to its subsidiary ‘A Y & J Solicitors’ w.e.f. 01 June 2017.

We are the same management and the same team. We are committed to continue providing excellent service and experience to our clients.